Monday, August 30, 2010

Another lovely resin creation

I love creating resin items and buy antique or copper and brass atributes for them.
Doesn't this ladybug just look lovely ? :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New listings

I finally created some new items after two weeks. The last 2 weeks were 2 dull-jewellery making weeks; the inspiration was gone. But yesterday my new ordered supplies finaly arrived :) and I made 24 new jewels.
Here are the first 4:

A Strawberry tiny bottle

Green flowers in resin.

Dragonflies in the galaxy resin ring

And my favorite: green and orange flowers casted in resin - ring
Some of these are still available at my shop

That's it for now. I've set up some goals for the next month: I want 100 beautiful listed items in my shop. And in the end of the year 200 :) .. and thats also my limit.
Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Why is it that the day you feel most inspired is the day that you also need to clean your house first before working on those great ideas in your head ?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Leo Treasury

This is one of my favorite treasuries:
And it'n not because my Leo pendant is included in this one or that my sign is Leo but the whole picture with different items fits together perfectly!
I like the colors golden orange, yellow and red in it, It makes this treasury complete:

Thx Fairyfolk for creating this treasury.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Painting all the way

I've started to paint a little in my freetime after I enjoyed painting on resin. and I have to say that the paintings aren't perfect yet but I'm getting there :D An apple, a tree and a mountain landscape I especially like the tree and the details in it, the beginning is there :)

Get started with your own acrylic paint kit:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Embedded Green Resin tile

Say Hi! to my other recreated pendant; The scrabble shape tile in resin.

Remember I talked about failures on creating my own scrabble tiles ? Well this is the final result after sanding and polishing. I hate doing it but love the way how it shines and it's smoothness after the proces.

I work with polyester resin and the difference between epoxy and polyester is: polyester keeps its shinyness while epoxy resin always looks dull after sanding and polishing.

Also this pendant is available on my shop

Crushed resin chips pendant

I've listed some new items on my shop

Crushed resin pieces in resin :

I like the way you can look threw this pendant with the looks of pieces of fruit in it. This pendant is an example of one of my other resin creation "failures". Although, it wasn't really a failure but I just didn't know what to do with the 3 layers of colored resin shaped as a bubble cabochon. So I smashed the thing and I recreated a new pendant.

And it's available at my shop

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Crafty Mules: Quick Tip - Getting Resin Out of Molds When It Sticks

Two Crafty Mules: Quick Tip - Getting Resin Out of Molds When It Sticks: "When using larger molds such as the ones for belt buckles and paperweights, the resin will often stick and can be difficult to remove from the mold. As these molds are not flexible, you can't pop the resin piece out like you can with the smaller jewelry molds. I had this happen once when making a belt buckle and I almost threw the whole thing away out of frustration. I contacted the resin manufacturer and they gave me a very helpful tip that really works.

Turn the mold upside down so the resin part faces the table. Take a heat gun and move it all over the back and sides of the mold. Pick up the mold and slam it against the surface of the table a couple of times. The resin piece will inch it's way out of the mold. The heat from the heating tool constricts the resin which allows it to slide out of the mold. It really works!"

I also heard of putting the mould a couple if minutes in the fridge.


I bought some beautiful ring bezel blanks last week and wanted to test 1 new potpourri flowers resin creation in it. And now it's stuck , I cant get it out :|
Could putting the ring in a glass of water help ?

1 hour later
finally , I popped it out with a knife , no scratching :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

Resin scrabble tiles in a pendant

When I started experimenting with resin and discovered etsy , I just wanted to make scrabble tile pendants just like everybody else.
They were an eyecatcher and neat to see. So I bought some siliconrubber and some scrabble tiles. I wanted to make my own resin tiles and my own mould. But I wasn't happy with the results.

I hate sanding and I had to sand a lot before these tiles would look like how I wanted them to look: smoothly and shiny. So I made a couple of them but left them for another purpose in the future.

The fun thing about resin is , it doesn't matter if a project fails, with the failures you can always make other funny things. And I did:

I still hate sanding but they look just fine by me with the combination of colors.

The results on Paint and Resin

I just popped out the cured resin from the moulds with paintings on them and this is how it looks like ...

It was a fun experience but they are not pendant worthy :)

But I can always make magnets of them or bottle cap magnets, who knows.