Saturday, July 31, 2010

Next Project - Paint and resin

I tried to paint on cured resin the other day and ... I can't paint :'( ........ yet(!) , but I'm practicing! And I will practice it untill I get a nice painting :)
I also want to shop for some good art and paint books.
Mmmm a new hobby is coming up .. again ,
Anyway, within two days I will show you the results on resin and paint.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's your sign ?

This weekend I wondered if you could write and draw on cured resin.
The answer is YES. My project succeeded with east indean ink but wait untill the pieces with 2 layers is completely cured. The paint could crack when you're popping the pieces out of the mold.
I've learned this technique from Skinnerstudio. and some of the zodiac sign are available on my shop as a pendant.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Writing and drawing on resin

In my next project I will using east indian ink and a nib pin on cured resin. I wonder how it would turn out after the ink has dried and the mould is ready for a last layer of color and/or some glitter. Some test writing and drawings: zodiak signs , but its tricky writing on resin cause if you dont pay attention you're writing those signs in the wrong direction. For example "Scorpio" is written twice.

And I've worked with wood yesterday. I will list some items up in Etsy pretty soon. If you want to try it out yourself, the resin kit is found on the image below.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

My first sale !!!!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaahh, finally after 5 weeks of waiting, creating, promoting and improving my shop I got a sale :D Yoehoe

84 places to sell crafts online

I just discovered stumbleupon ,it's a great site. You can list upon 11 items from your Etsy shop and discover a lot of other fun websites.
And I found this website

It's a whole list of alternative places for selling crafts online. Have fun :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Janimie featured on The Blog of SkinnerStudio

It was a great week with 5 of my jewels on treasury pages and one making it to the frontpage.
But being featured on a blog of another resin artist is even better :D
Thx again Jenny! :) I'm really honored and had fun answering the questions.
Here's the link for the people who wants to know me a little bit more.


I've worked on some new pendants last night. I created a couple of black rings made out of resin some time ago and filled those up with 1 layer of colored resin, some attributes and a final layer of clear resin.

I was thinking about listing those in Etsy but i've changed my mind because ...

I hate airbubbles and there are a lot in the pendant with the dog in inside. There is some lint cured in the pendant with the cat inside .... ... and I haven't sanded these black resin rings enough now I see them at daylight. Now I'm thinking of wooden rings instead of resin rings. They are cheap and it's less work (!). If I list an item on Etsy, it has to be perfect. But soon there will be a new listing coming up with pendants like these.

You can find your all necessities on the image below:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My latest creations

I've worked on 3 dried flowers in resin , dried moss in pink resin and my ladybug cabochon. They are finally sanded and ready to place in an open pendant. It took me 2 hours to sand them :/ Sanding is the worst part of making resin jewels.

Your dayjob

I don't want to talk about Etsy all the time
So here a fresh new topic about your dayjob: I'm not talking about the crafting job but if you earn your money by crafting thats ok too.

Because I want to know:
- What does it mean to you ?
- Is it a struggle every day to go too your work every day ?
- Is it just a monthly paycheck for you ?
- Or does your work means a lot to you ?
- Do you have fun having your dayjob ?
- What is your job giving you ?

I'm a developer myself, love to create websites and webapplications.
BUT if i could make a living creating jewelry and crocheting , I would switch in a heartbeat :D Why ? I would be my own boss , dont have annoying colleagues around me and still having a creative life.

And it keeps going...'s another treasury list called Dried Flowers by thepurplepainter
I have to be careful not getting used to this. Someday it could/will stop :)

My item is in the first row fourth picture, yes again the flower pendant :)

Etsians are such great people

A while ago there was a topic on the forum of Etsy about helping several undiscovered shop collections too the Front Page.
And Hiyapapaya just made a treasury called "NO SALES YET!! Found these great UNDISCOVERED shops!!" and I am on it and happy with it!! :)
I hope it helps me and so many other undiscovered shops to finally having that first sale ;)
So please help click and twitter it too the Front Page :D

This time my item is on the fourth row, thirth column.

Monday, July 19, 2010

My second treasury item !!

One of my items, a round pendant made it again in a treasury list :D
It's the black round pendant with shells and rocks on a layer of blue colored resin.
This time it went straight to the front page of Etsy :D
I had lots and lots of views !! Almost 400 and lots of hearts. That felt good :) Thk you DawnCorrespondence.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My first treasury list

It's called Green Glass: a collection of nice green colored items from unknown and known Etsians and I know you will like it :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My little ladybug

This one is still in progress. A ladybug shaped drawing pin placed on some potpourri leaves and domed in clear resin. I love this one the most. Its so beautiful ! I cut of the pin ofcourse or it would become a painfull pendant. But I still need to sand it first. It's too big for my 25mm round pendant setting.
I use polyester resin for all my pieces. It stinks but with measuring the hardener and the resin its less difficult than epoxy resin and it gives all of the pieces a real glasslike and very shiny look. Epoxy resin has a mat finishing look, its less shiny.
And in the end I polish the piece with polishing wax and the smell goes away.
You can find your own resin kit here.

Little red hearts

This is also one of my latest masterpieces: red hearts domed in clear resin with a white background. You can see the hearts "float" in the clear resin layer by the shade they create on the white background .... mmm was that even an English sentence? Oh well, I hope you understand it anyway :D You can find it in my Etsy shop as well.

You can find your ow resin kit here

My latest creation

I love this resin masterpiece. I bought some cheap potpourri from a shop in Holland. There were tons of little flowers and leaves in the bag and I picked two different colored flowers, white and orange, placed it in an 1 inch sized cabochon mould and put some clear resin in it. After the first layer had cured into jelly, I placed a layer of black colored resin onto it.
And finally this is the result, It took a while before the silver plated pendants arrived in Holland. They came all the way from the states, unfortunatelly Holland doesn't have such nice and simple jewelry supplies. :(
You can find it in my etsy shop.
You can find your own resin kit here.


Well, I'm Janis aka Janimie and I create resin jewels.
I'm from the Netherlands and I just wanted to say Hellllooooo :)
My first post :)