Thursday, June 30, 2016

Embroidery me

Twenty years ago I was at school, asigned to embroider a landscape on a piece of fabric. It was 4"x 4" and I hated the job back then because it took ages before it finally was finished.
Back then, I embroideried mountains behind some hills with blue sky and clouds. I still have it somewhere in my house, when I find It I will take a picture of it and place it in this blog.

Now I have more patience with craftarts like embroidery. I surfed the web and stumbled upon a blog from craftsofallkinds. The lady behind the blog handstamped a card with a cat sitting on a brick will between the trees.

I thought to myself, I have to embroider that one day. It will be my first embroidery project after many years, the card that looks like a painting and it is so pretty.

So here is my atempt! I cant tell you much about the stitches I have used, I just started with it and I think it came out just fine :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Stud Earrings

I have restocked my shop with colorful stud earrings like these ones below:
Scarlet red Stud earrings

Scarlet red Stud earrings

Green leaves stud earrings

Red with Yellow stud earrings

You can find these and more in my shop

Spider plant "Atlantis"

Almost a year ago, in August, one of my first plants in my new home was a spider plant "Atlantis", a Chlorophytum Comosum. I bought it online for 5 euro.
On your left you see a picture of it. I only had it a couple of months in my apartment when I took the picture.

Spider Plants or Airplane Plants produce arched green and pale yellow stems that extend to be 12-18 inches long. When less than a year old, Spider Plants may produce tiny white flowers on the tips of wiry, upright stems, called runners during the summer. The runners are soon weighted
down with plantlets giving it a spidery appearance.

I took another picture in december of last year. You can see it on your right. I only had this plant 4 months in my home and it grew a lot in the meantime but I never repotted it since I bought it. However I bought a terra cotta pot cause I was planning on repotting it into this bigger pot. I also bought a smaller extra pot with holes inside to place it inside the  terra cotta pot. I read stories about terra cotta pots taking the water from the soil, i didnt want my plant to dry out. But you can see that its time for repotting, the leafs look droopy.

Last summer and autumn, soon after my purchase I received a lot of runners coming from this plant. I was very happy with it cause I didnt have to buy new plants to decorate my place.
These plantlets coming from the runners -- often called "babies" -- are easy to propagate, giving you an ongoing supply of plants.

This picture above was taken 3 weeks after repotting it.

I placed it in a hanging basked for a fuller look

In each new pot there are like 2 - 3 baby plantlets planted from the mother plant. Each pot is 12 by 13 cm or 4.75" by 5.11" in size. I placed a pot with holes inside of each pot, I don't want those plantlets to drown. In each pot there is 1" or 2.5cm space for exces water. 
The biggest baby plant on the right I planted in the beginning of November of last year. It was the first baby plant I cut off from the motherplant. I placed it in soil first while it was still attached to the motherplant  after seeing 3 millimeters or 0.11" big roots growing from under this plantlet and I waited 3 weeks before i finally cut it and planted it in its new pot. 
After watching it grow I just cut off all the other plantlets with tiny roots and placed them in a pot filled with soil around Christmas time. They are still doing great these last 2 weeks as you can see and I will keep on filling the pots with plantlets when the other plantlets have grown roots on the runners from the motherplant.

Update photo, taken on 13 january:

Next to the spider plant babies there you see a small dracaena marginata palm, I bought it last month in Ikea for 1 euro. Its approximately 1 feet (30 cm) tall.

Update photo, taken on 20 january.
I think I am a plants addict but I had to take another picture just to follow up on the growth of these spider plant babies.

Update photo taken on March 20th
This spiderplant is getting bigger and bigger.

Update photo taken on June 25th
Three months later and a lot has changed. I bought another spider plant and a new planter. This planter is like 30 cm big and 30 cm deep. The white basket was only 20cm deep and wide. I placed the 2 spider plants together and this is the result:
I placed the two plants into this bigger planter a month ago and I think my 2 plants are still adjusting to the new environment. It looks a little droopy.

My other baby plants are getting taller and taller. Its has been 8 and 6 months ago since I cut these babies off from there motherplant and placed them in their own pot. 

Get your own Spider Plant here:                                                  

Monday, June 27, 2016


I have an instagram account since yesterday and I organised a giveaway. You can follow me and join the giveaway by clicking on the button:

The Areca Palm and the Snake Plant

In August of last year I also bought an Areca palm tree. The biological name for this plant is Dypsis lutescens. I didnt buy a hugh plant and I regretted that a little afterwards, I heard 
that it takes a long time before it will grow big. But I googled the growth rate on the internet 
and I found that it grows 15-20 cm or 6"-8" in a year. And that's fine with me. Last summer 
when I bought it , it was around 50 cm or 19.8" in length.I took a picture of my new plant in 
And today I took another picture and I can't say that I see a difference in the growing stage but I am a patient person.

Next to the areca palm you see a snake plant. Its biological name is sansevieria laurentii. Common names for this plant are Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Variegated Snake Plant, Devil’s Tongue, African Spear, Bow String Hemp, Bowstring Hemp, Snake Plant, Good Luck Plant, Goldband Sansevieria, Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, Magic Sword, Laurentii Snake Plant.I bought this plant last month.

Update on March 20th: So I got impatient and I bought myself a bigger Areca palm on March 2th.This palm is 150 cm tall and 100 cm wide and its filling up the empty corner in my living room. I am happy with it. I also bought a ficus and a philondendron and post about this later.
Update on June 25th: After 3 months a took a new picture of my first Areca palm, just to see if there is a difference:
Pfff, it has grown taller, maybe 10 cm or 4 inch, thats nog much in 10 months time, Bit it also grew wider. I am still happy I bought that bigger plant

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spider Plant "Ocean"

In the last days of december I bought a mini plant, a mini version of the Chlorophytum Ocean. Its a spider plant but mine was like 4" big all around.
Spider plants form arching clumps of grass-like leaves and they get their common names from the baby plantlets that form on dangling stems. Spider plants also have tiny white flowers on long arching stems. Spider plants are one of the most adaptable and easy to grow houseplants that there is.
The Spider Plant "Ocean" has spider-like long stems leaves come from the plants’ center with usually white edges and a green stripe running down the middle. Its the opposite from the Spider Plant "Atlantic", they have spider-like long stems leaves come from the plants’ center with usually green edges and a white stripe running down the middle.
Spiderplant Ocean
Spiderplant Ocean
I took a picture of my mini plant on December 31th after repotting it in a bigger, 5" pot. Its original pot was 2".
Today I again took a picture and I was amazed by how fast these plants grow.

Spiderplant Ocean - today

Those light green leaves in the center weren't there 5 days ago. I guess that repotting 
in a pot 2.5 times its size after buying it did the trick very well.

I will have more updates when there is more to show

Update 31-1-2016: I have my spider plant for 1 month now and took another picture today. Repotting a chlorophytum into a bigger pot does wonders fora plant.

Update 20-2-2016: This plants grows like weeeed and I like the texture and its shape. I like it even beter than my Chlorophytum comosum Atlantis. The leaves are bigger , wider, this plant can really grow big I think.

Update 20-3-2016: Look how big this plant got in a month time.

Update 25-6-2016: Three months later, and I am still figuring out how or where to position this plant in its best way cause its getting bigger and bigger.

Get your own indoor spiderplant by a click on the image:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Etsy and Nature Necklaces

Because it has been so long since my last update and for staying active on both of my shops, I first had to take a look at how Etsy is working again these days. I have learned that a lot has changed in the past year. You don't get to see products on the front page of the website anymore and they changed the algoritm for searching products on the website. Because of this, I have a couple of things on my mind:

- Having a good look at the SEO of your listings, search engine optimization
- Renewing lots of listing at once is a waste of time and money since this new change

I took a good look at my own shop and decided to change some things. I changed the titles of many products and made sure that I used all tags. I will not renew listings like I used to. Back in the day you would recieve lots of views while renewing a list of items, but with this change the amount of views decreased. 
I will only renew listings when they expire or just add new listings.

But most importantly is, working on an update on my own website :) Hopefully I will finish it soon.

In the meantime I created some new glass dome cabs necklaces:

Autumn Leave Necklace

Spring Necklace

Vintage Feather Necklace

You can find these online.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

It has been a loooooong time ...

....a very looooong looooong time ... life called these past couple of years and I got very busy but now I am back and I am slowly working on some new jewelry. I decided to take a break from resin jewelry and wanting to focus more on other kinds of jewelry craft.

Hot Air Balloon

A Butterfly

A dandelion in the wind
I reopened my shop again and all these items can be found in my Etsy shop