Friday, July 23, 2010


I've worked on some new pendants last night.
I created a couple of black rings made out of resin some time ago and filled those up with 1 layer of colored resin, some attributes and a final layer of clear resin.

I was thinking about listing those in Etsy but i've changed my mind because ...

I hate airbubbles and there are a lot in the pendant with the dog in inside.
There is some lint cured in the pendant with the cat inside ....

... and I haven't sanded these black resin rings enough now I see them at daylight.
Now I'm thinking of wooden rings instead of resin rings. They are cheap and it's less work (!).

If I list an item on Etsy, it has to be perfect.
But soon there will be a new listing coming up with pendants like these.

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