Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Be creative: Antique style

I'm still working on a new jewelryline for my webshop: soon you will see the first bracelets and rings, completely made out of resin.
I'm pretty excited about the bracelets!!! :)
But first I want to show you some antique resin creations which I have been working on in the last week:

Antique Brass Rose Resin necklace

Antique Brass Dove Resin necklace

I just love how these pictures came out.
These and more are available in my shop.


  1. In een woord prachtig. Ik heb je al aangeprezen via mijn twitter :-)

    Groetjes, Wilme de Roon

  2. Ik zag het , hardstikke bedankt daarvoor! :D