Thursday, August 26, 2010

New listings

I finally created some new items after two weeks. The last 2 weeks were 2 dull-jewellery making weeks; the inspiration was gone. But yesterday my new ordered supplies finaly arrived :) and I made 24 new jewels.
Here are the first 4:

A Strawberry tiny bottle

Green flowers in resin.

Dragonflies in the galaxy resin ring

And my favorite: green and orange flowers casted in resin - ring
Some of these are still available at my shop

That's it for now. I've set up some goals for the next month: I want 100 beautiful listed items in my shop. And in the end of the year 200 :) .. and thats also my limit.
Fingers crossed.


  1. Wow, these are adorable! I think the last one is my favorite too <3

  2. Whaou... So cute ! I love the small bottles with bubbles...